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Why are there clinical trials for chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, that already have treatment options?

Even though safe and effective treatments are already available for many of these conditions, we continue to learn about new, different, and potentially better ways of treating them.

The goal is to provide the best treatment options for every individual. For some people, the current treatments are not enough. We are seeking to develop new treatment options, either given alone or in combination with current treatment options, that we hope will improve outcomes for these individuals.

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Why is Pfizer conducting clinical research related to obesity?

Obesity can have significant impact on a persons overall health.

We know that obesity increases peoples risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic conditions. We also know there are many reasons why it is difficult for people to manage their weight and avoid being obese.

Developing treatments for obesity may help those who struggle with their weight to potentially lower their risk of other health conditions.

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