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What are autoimmune diseases?

The immune system plays an important role in protecting your body from bacteria, viruses, and other things that could make you sick. The immune system is usually pretty good at defending the body from infections and other unwanted changes. However, in some people, the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy parts of the body. The mistaken attacks may be against specific cells, tissues, and organs, causing damage that can sometimes become life-threatening. This is known as an autoimmune disorder.

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What is inflammation and why is it important?

Inflammation is the immune system’s response to a problem such as a germ or physical injury. Inflammation may be experienced as redness, swelling, or pain. Without inflammation, wounds would have trouble healing and infections could become worse.

However, if the inflammation is chronic (continuing for too long), it could begin damaging healthy cells, tissues, and organs. This can lead to serious conditions such as joint damage and cardiovascular diseases.

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