Breakthroughs require dedication from determined people, and we thank you. Your time and commitment have made an important and immeasurable contribution to our efforts to change patients’ lives around the world.

Now that your part in a Pfizer clinical trial is over, you may be wondering, “What’s next for me? What’s next for the clinical trial? What’s next for the study medicine or vaccine?”

We hope we can answer some of your questions and guide you to helpful resources, so that you can stay informed about the progress of the clinical research. 

What happens now?

Now that you have completed your participation in the clinical trial, we still need to wait until the other participants have also completed their part. Once everyone completes the study, your clinical data, combined with everyone else’s, will tell us if the study was successful or not.


These results will help determine what happens next with the study medicine or vaccine. For example, we may continue to research the study medicine or vaccine in future clinical trials. If enough data from the trials support a safe and effective potential new medicine or vaccine, an application will then be submitted to regulatory authorities such as the FDA for review and potential approval for use by patients. This process often takes years.

Accessing Pfizer’s clinical trial results

Accessing Pfizer’s clinical trial results

Pfizer clinical trial Plain Language Study Results Summary
Pfizer clinical trial Plain Language Study Results Summary

Pfizer will provide your study doctor with information about your clinical trial’s results when all participants have completed the trial. We also post study results on and summaries of the results (also called Clinical Study Report Synopses) on

Additionally, for certain Pfizer-sponsored clinical trials, “Plain Language Study Results Summaries” can be found by visiting this page on and using the search function. These are non-technical descriptions of the design and results of our studies started in 2015 and later. The summaries are intended to make the study results more understandable and accessible to a general audience. 

When a study’s plain language study results summary becomes available in the future, past participants in Pfizer clinical trials who registered for the Pfizer Clinical Trial Alumni  website will receive a notification and links to their study’s plain language summary. 

Regardless of the outcome of your clinical trial, your participation has helped us learn and has made progress possible.

Science will win because of you

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out if the study medicine is now available for patients with my condition?

If health authorities such as the U.S. FDA approve the study medicine for use by patients with the condition, doctors and pharmacists will become aware that it can be prescribed. Pfizer typically releases public statements when its new medicines are approved, and we list our approved medicines on We also commonly create websites and other materials to inform healthcare professionals and patients about the medicines.

Keep in mind that study medicines typically go through a series of clinical trials before they are submitted to health authorities for approval. For a study medicine to be considered for approval, those clinical trials must collectively show that the study medicine is safe and effective. So, depending on the study you were part of, the study medicine may be very close to approval, approval may be years away, or approval may never come.

Click Learn More to view Pfizer’s list of approved products.

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Now that I have completed my clinical trial, can I enroll in another trial?

Yes, you may participate in another clinical trial if your participation in your previous study has ended and you meet the eligibility criteria for the new one.

To find a Pfizer clinical trial, use our Find a Trial search engine. To search for all registered clinical trials, regardless of the study sponsor, you may visit

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