The Pfizer New Haven PCRU has been home to hundreds of clinical trials for potential new medicines.

And when the pandemic hit, the PCRU was tapped to test a potential new medicine to help treat COVID-19.

The stakes were high, and the clock was ticking, but the dedicated professionals at the PCRU, along with hundreds of study participants, stepped up to the challenge.

Together, they made an unprecedented team effort against an unprecedented global health crisis.

Together, they helped make the next breakthrough possible.

Below, some of the many Pfizer CRU colleagues share first-hand details about their experiences during the trial and their jobs on the front lines of clinical research.



Amanda Dunlap

Clinical Research Communications Specialist

The medicines that we rely on exist because of the dedication of clinical trial participants.

And it’s up to Amanda Dunlap and the PCRU recruitment team to find those participants.

Claudine Fredette

Senior Clinical Research Project Manager

Step by step, that’s how complex clinical research gets done. It’s how medical science advances.

And during a clinical study, Claudine Fredette’s job is to make sure all those steps get taken - to keep track of a study at the PCRU from start to finish.

Janyce Rogers

Head of Pharmacy, PCRU

During a clinical trial, the pharmacist’s job is both behind the scenes and central to the entire purpose of a clinical research facility.

Janyce Rogers and her pharmacy team are the first ones to receive the potential medicine to be studied during a clinical trial at the PCRU.

Wendy Becker

Lab Technician

Thousands of samples are carefully collected throughout the course of a clinical trial at the PCRU.

And each one comes to Wendy Becker and her team in the PCRU laboratory.

Winston Halstead

Clinical Coordinator and Nursing Manager

The bulk of any trial at the PCRU is carried out by staff in the clinic.

Among these staff members, it’s Clinical Coordinators like Winston Halstead who serve to streamline the trial’s day to day activities with the participants.

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