At the New Haven PCRU, we think prevention is the best medicine, so we’re bringing vaccine clinical trials closer to home.

We are pleased to now offer Pfizer's vaccine clinical trials to interested participants right here in the New Haven region.

Vaccines are one of the greatest public health advances of all time. Similar to clean water and good sanitation, vaccines safeguard our communities and help people stay well, productive, and active.

The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of preventative medicine — and the importance of participants that volunteer for vaccine clinical trials. While several illnesses have been partially or fully eliminated by vaccines, there is still much work to be done for other infections worldwide. By joining a vaccine clinical trial at the PCRU, you could be part of the next vaccine breakthrough.

Our New Vaccine Clinic

Reclining exam chairs line the vaccine clinical trial exam room at the Pfizer Clinical Research Unit in New Haven,CT
Chairs and sofas along glass windows for vaccine clinical trial participants at the PCRU overlook trees and buildings in downtown New Haven.
Tables and chairs organized in small groups for vaccine clinical trial participants at the New Haven PCRU.

Our newly renovated in-house vaccine space has areas for consultations and eligibility assessments, a specialized clinic for study dosing, and a comfortable space for participants to rest in for post-dose monitoring that overlooks downtown New Haven.

If you’re interested in learning more or participating in vaccine or other trials at the PCRU, complete our contact form to be entered into our volunteer database, where you’ll receive study-specific updates and invitations to our ongoing trials. You can also keep an eye on our trial listings here.

The PCRU Loyalty Program has arrived!

Our new Loyalty Program offers unique tiered gifts for new and returning participants.



Interested in participating?

Complete and submit this form, and a Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) representative will contact you. Please note: volunteers completing this form must be able to read and speak English at an 8th grade level.

You may also call 1-800-254-6398 and speak with a PCRU representative to learn more.

For Japanese language assistance only, please call 1-833-711-9984. We apologize, our representatives cannot take calls in languages other than English or Japanese at this time.

The personal data gathered here will be collected, processed, and maintained in a confidential manner. Your information will be stored in our research unit’s database. We may use this information to invite you to participate in current and future clinical studies at the PCRU. You will have full access to your records at the Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit and the opportunity to correct them if necessary.

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