Clinical Trials Day 2023

About Clinical Trials Day

May 20th marks Clinical Trials Day, celebrated around the world to recognize the many people who make clinical research possible and express our appreciation for the important work done to improve medical treatments for all.

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated in May to honor the first randomized clinical trial in medicine. On May 20, 1747, Scottish physician James Lind conducted an experiment aboard the HMS Salisbury to study the different treatments for scurvy in sailors. His discovery would change the course of modern medicine.

Since then, clinical research has come a long way. We’ve seen tremendous achievements in research, from the advent of antibiotics to the groundbreaking development of the COVID-19 vaccine. For over 275 years, our community has proven that true and meaningful progress is made when we work together in pursuit of the next breakthrough.

This Clinical Trials Day, we are grateful for all the clinical research professionals and trial volunteers whose tireless efforts advance science and improve the lives of people around the world. We celebrate all we’ve accomplished and look forward to the road ahead.

Because we know that time is life, and every minute matters. Here’s to everything you’ve done and everything you will do. Together, we make the impossible possible.

About Clinical Trials Day

Smiling nurse treating participant in clinic.
Smiling nurse treating participant in clinic.

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