PTEN Gene Mutation

Who may participate

Each clinical study has its own guidelines for who may participate, called eligibility criteria. These factors can include your age, sex, overall health, type and stage of disease, and personal treatment history. However, only the research study staff can determine if you qualify to enroll in the study.


PTEN Gene Mutation, PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome, PTEN Hamartoma Syndrome, Cowden Syndrome, Bannayan Syndrome, Bannayan Zonana Syndrome, Polyposis

The disease, disorder, syndrome, illness, or injury that is being studied. On, conditions may also include other health-related issues, such as lifespan, quality of life, and health risks.
Male or Female
The sex of people who may participate in a clinical trial (all, female, male). Sex is a person’s classification based on assignment at birth. Eligibility based on sex is distinct from eligibility based on gender.
18 - 80 years
The age a person must be to participate in a clinical trial.
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Study Locations

Study Locations
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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43210
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