Clinical Trials Day 2024

Behind every scientific advancement is the compassion and commitment of the individuals who champion patient wellbeing around the world. This is the work of clinical research professionals and volunteers — modern-day trailblazers. On May 20th, we celebrate Clinical Trials Day to raise awareness of clinical research opportunities and recognize those who help power innovation in human health.

Clinical Trials Day commemorates the first known clinical trial in medicine, conducted by Scottish physician James Lind on May 20, 1747. Aboard the HMS Salisbury, Lind’s experiment studied different treatments for scurvy in sailors. His discovery would mark a pivotal moment in medical history and set the foundation for modern clinical research.

Since then, we’ve seen tremendous achievements in research, from the advent of antibiotics to the groundbreaking development of ADC technology to fight cancer. For over 275 years, our community has proven that meaningful progress can be made when we work together in pursuit of the next breakthrough.

This Clinical Trials Day, we honor all the clinical research professionals and trial volunteers — the trailblazers among us whose tireless efforts advance science and help patients live better and longer lives. Today, we celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to what’s next.

Because together, we make the impossible possible.

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