The Pfizer Clinical Research Unit in New Haven, CT is offering a limited time welcome gift for eligible first-time participants. First-time participants may also be eligible to enter a raffle to win an additional $150 gift card. 

To qualify for this special bonus, healthy volunteers who are 18 to 60 years old must: 

  • have not previously screened for a study at the PCRU facility in New Haven, CT 

  • call and complete a phone screening to pre-qualify for any ongoing study 

  • complete an in-person screening appointment for a study at the PCRU 

  • be eligible for the screening payment as described in the study’s informed consent document (this pertains to the raffle entry only)    

For information, please call 1-800-254-6398 or complete the volunteer form below. 

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Our staff is available to answer your questions and help find a study that may be a fit for you. 

Each clinical study has its own guidelines for who can participate, known as eligibility criteria. Health assessments, called screening visits, help the research study staff determine if you qualify to enroll in the study. These assessments occur at the PCRU in New Haven, CT, and include a physical exam. 

If you qualify for the study, there may be a period of up to 28 days before the study begins. Your participation in any study is always voluntary. 

Upon completion of all screening-day procedures, you will receive a gift bag from the PCRU. If you qualify for screening payment per the study’s informed consent document, you will also receive an entry into the raffle for a $150 gift card. One person each month will be chosen at random to receive the raffle prize during the promotional period. 

All payments will be paid in U.S. dollars. Screening compensation may be provided on a loadable debit card or by paper check, and the raffle bonus will be loaded on a pre-paid gift card. Bonus gifts are provided while supplies last and may vary by availability. Eligibility for this program will be determined by the New  Haven PCRU, and the New Haven PCRU reserves the right to change the terms or terminate this program at any time. 

Do you know someone who may be interested in participating?

Safety remains our top priority at the PCRU during COVID-19

Interested in participating?

Complete and submit this form, and a Pfizer Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) representative will contact you.

You may also call 1-800-254-6398 and speak with a PCRU representative to learn more.

The personal data gathered here will be collected, processed, and maintained in a confidential manner. Your information will be stored in our research unit’s database. We may use this information to invite you to participate in current and future clinical studies at the PCRU. You will have full access to your records at the Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit and the opportunity to correct them if necessary.

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