Clinical trials have led to life-changing new medicines, and we thank everybody who has participated and made a contribution. Today, more than 100,000 people around the world are participating in Pfizer clinical trials. We are grateful to those who are already taking part, and to all those who will participate in the future. 

Whether you have a specific condition in mind, or you’re just interested in seeing the types of clinical trials we’re conducting, we invite you to explore our areas of research here. 

Pfizer’s focus in clinical research


We divide our research into five primary areas. Select one listed below, and you will find the specific conditions for which we have clinical trials. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try searching with Find a Trial in the navigation at the top of the page.  

Introducing PfizerLink, a clinical research registry

Join and get connected to Pfizer clinical trials that may be right for you

When you volunteer to participate in clinical research, you help advance medical care for yourself and your community. PfizerLink is here to make it easy to get involved in the research that matters to you:

Pfizer Link share logo Share some details about yourself and your medical areas of interest.

Pfizer Link match logo Match to available Pfizer clinical trials that may be right for you — now and over time.

Pfizer Link Connect logo Connect to PfizerLink Navigator who will discuss the details and next steps.

Whether you connect to clinical trials or simply answer some questions about yourself and your health through PfizerLink, you can contribute to scientific learning. Join today to help make future discoveries and medical advances possible.


Hear what motivates the people behind our clinical trials

Our center for clinical research

It takes dedicated people to develop medicines that will change lives. Some of these people are ‘healthy volunteers,’ participants who don’t have the disease or condition that will later be studied. Learn more about the vital role that healthy volunteers play in our phase 1 clinical trials, and about the research facility where many of these trials take place.

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Our center for clinical research

Center for Clinical Research
Center for Clinical Research

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