We are seeking partners to join us in carrying out this meaningful work

Pfizer is committed to researching and developing new medicines and vaccines in a number of therapeutic areas. We are always looking to partner with investigators and clinical research sites. If you’re interested in working together on potential future studies, please complete this form to join our database from which we select qualified sites for our studies.

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We partner with over 5,000 sites globally to advance science

Developing vaccines and medicines that improve patients’ lives is made possible by the dedication and hard work of our clinical research partners.

Achieving excellence through partnerships

We are honored to be recognized by the Society for Clinical Research Sites with the prestigious Eagle Award for three years in a row.

Voted on by sites like you, this award represents the level of excellence we can achieve by working together.

Thank you for making medical breakthroughs possible

Clinical research sites are foundational to the progress we’ve made in our clinical trials.

We are truly grateful to our clinical research partners for helping forge a path to breakthrough treatments and cures that save lives every day.

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